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Friday, January 25, 2008

Highland Spirits

Do you love Historic Romance novels? How about a romance tale and adventure to put ‘Lassie’ to shame? A love story part formed around a fine Scottish Deerhound named Cailean, a bonnie Lass named Pinkie and a simplified, focused, little piece of Highland history. There’s travel aplenty from the hei’lands to London, kidnabbing, castles and a guid auld ruff and tumble.

If you read Highland Spirits with the fun by which I’m sure it is intended, you may wish to read other works by the author, Amanda Scott. Follow the link for her home page and to discover the many other books she has had published. Amanda has a clear passion for setting her romantic love stories here in our homeland of Scotland and it’s interesting to read of locations we often visit.

I have also received favourable comment for the blog from the artist of the above ‘Foghound’ image and was also informed that I omitted credit here, and also on the Watt’s it all About? article featuring ‘Long View’ please note these works are ‘Copyright Trigg 2008’. I am only to happy include the credit - I’ll add,that when this image was discovered it was not in a location acknowledging the artist so it was not possible to contact her – fortunately she found this blog and should you wish to view examples of her fine art or perhaps contact her to commission a piece go here and say hello to Roasalind Trigg - tell her Rogue sent you.

Also enjoy the preview of Highland Spirits below . . .

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Deerhound Burns

Hopefully all deerhounds the world over, will be celebrating a ‘braw Burns nicht’ and ‘piping in their haggis’ this Friday evening and if you read this post and are bemused or at a loss as to what the Rogue is reffering to - simply, as per usual, follow oor highlighted links and prepare yourself for the 25th of January.

On the Burns link above, remember and switch the light on !

And don’t forget yer ‘Tam o Shanters’ and be c areful taking that short cut through the ‘auld kirkyard’. Have Fun!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Watt’s it all about ?

There has been no posting for quite some time – so today we’ll just say happy birthday to an inventor regarded by many as the creator of the ‘Modern World’.

James Watt

Should deerhounds celebrate the ‘Modern World’? After all, we almost disappeared because of it.

Well, we are still here and have evolved into existing comfortably within this world. Indeed, here’s the Rogue doing his best to communicate with other deerhounds worldwide through the medium of the modern internet connection.

But like James Watt did, we still love the ‘Legends and Lore’ of the Scottish people, especially as we are a large part of the legend and lore, history and culture of Scotland.

Happy Birthday James Watt.

As always, just follow the links to find out more.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 Deerhounds are Great !

Having celebrated another great Scottish Hogmanay having partied all night enjoying a few Pints o Deuchars IPA, a few wee drams and successfuly surviving the noise of firework explosions plus an overdose on blackbun, I awake to wish the world Happy New Year 2008!

Too start the year, here’s a wee treat from my christmas collection for deerhounds. Excerpted from How we Built Britain with David Dimbleby this documentary features a series of programmes on the Architecture and History of Britain (although on a historic note Scottish Deerhounds will know it’s actually James VI for us and not the Ist, as reffered to by David in the programme - yes, all very complicated we know).

In the clip below, the Deerhound Club humans are featured in fancy dress at the Lodge Park, Gloucestershire’s annual lure coursing event. However, it is unlikely to have been deerhounds as we know them today that were used in the era of King James VI at the deer coursing event. Some reference has been made to Talbots (see the picture) being the choice of dog that was used for this event, paintings of the period may indicate greyhounds by appearance. It’s likely tho, that King James would be well aware of the experience of Deerhounds and judging by the tale within the video, capable of behaving like them.

The programme is beautifully shot and an excellent insight into many of Britains buildings. The six episodes cover a wide range of interesting structures and the historic tales surrounding them. If you are interested in the full series it is available from many outlets follow this link for an example of where to order. The Rogue recommends it.

And again – Happy New Year Everyone, we hope you continue to visit us here throughout the coming year.