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Monday, June 26, 2006

The Popular Deerhound Revolutionary Front!

For almost a week, I’ve had to wear these T-shirts and take the medication, but it appears that the wound is healing. Anyone who has dealt with lacerations and punctures in dogs, and horses and the likes will know we animals like to lick them ’til we turn the wound inside out causing all sorts of prolonged healing problems. Sometimes a collar or bucket on the head, pair of tights, shorts, shirts etc can speed the process along. Lucky for me I just need to wear a selection of T-shirts. So here I am in todays shirt!

Yes! I am starting a revolution . . . deerhounds of the world unite! It’ll do until I find a Rob Roy MacGregor Tee! In the meantime here’s me, Brylach Macalistair Rogue and Ché.


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