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Friday, December 15, 2006

The worst deerhound painting ever?

As a hound, I like to celebrate my hound culture, but sometimes as a highlander, I have to laugh at the representation of the highland way.

This painting brings a smile to the teeth of any self respecting deerhound. What have we got here?

First . . . lets start with the three shrunken teddyhounds? Or maybee not.

How about the beardy bloke who has been duped into dressing up in his ‘grans’ tartan dress whilst holding his shotgun with ‘Action Man’ real grip hands and wearing a childs London policeman helmet painted as a deerstalker. Hey! all kilties know that the kilt should never reach below the centre of the knee!

And where is he looking? I fear he has spotted a ‘white lady’ on the ridge and can’t see the deer frozen on the opposite Loch Bank, for fear.

Then we have the deer themselves - are they deer? They look like the Blackpool fairground racing camels - ‘keep rolling yer balls’ and they might evade the kneeling marksman pointing his stick in their direction. And that Tam o’ Shanter bonnet he is wearing, not quite the blue lowland bonnet but it matches yet another ‘granny dress’ . . . hmm?

If them deer scarper quick enough, they might just make it up to that rock quarry we see just along the glen apiece . . .

. . . enough ya cynic! It would be possible to spend a day in this painting having fun, and it is clearly someones passion, however misplaced we deerhounds might feel it to be.

The sentiment is in the correct location, but the artist needs to visit a highland location wi’ some real deerhounds and wild highlanders to get the picture a little more ‘Hoots Mon’

Criticism and comments welcomed here.



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