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Sunday, May 06, 2007

A week in the life of a deerhound in Scotland

There seems to have been no postings for some time now. Why is that? Well it’s a combination of factors and events here at ‘Rogue Glen’.

One factor being the Beltane Fire Festival, an interesting Celtic seasonal event which is celebrated anually on Edinburgh’s Calton Hill. See the images below which are from the event itself. The festival is representative of an ancient ritual that we deerhounds no doubt, once participated in. Interestingly I (literally) unearthed some old Celtic burial information / history featuring deerhound bones and hope to enter the information on a forthcoming blog.

To find out more about the Beltane Fire Festival (and I recommend a trip to experience the spectacle and enjoy the thrill if you find yourself in Edinburgh on May 1st of any year) simply follow the link. there are also some nice images in the Gallery and also histories of the Fire festivals, which include: Lughnasadh, Samhuinn and Imbolc as well as Beltane.

The next big date, keeping Deerhounds in Scotland busy, was the Scottish Political Elections on May the 4th. Short of when our hunting is affected and / or dog laws are introduced, we deerhounds don’t follow much of the shenanigans and even then, pay little regard to it. If you are intersted in the complex human ways and Scotlands future history - go here for the results.

Finally, the major reason for the lack of action on the blog this week was Ricky and I working through a rapid training routine, with myself, Rogue as pace setter (and coach of course) in preperation to run in the Edinburgh BUPA Great Run a 10k circuit of the city (that’s 6.2 miles in old money for the benefit of deerhounds). The event was a team entry of 10 humans, all to complete the 10 kilometres for the 10th anniversary of the design consultancy in which Ricky is involved. All the sponsorship procedes were donated to Edinburgh Sick Kids. Although the Rogue didn’t get to enter, I like to think it was the deerhound inspired running that helped Ricky complete the 6 miles in under an hour - check the time slip above and the photograph featuring myself in my well deserved medal.


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