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Monday, October 29, 2007

Caution! Don’t confuse your Deerhound.

What the ?

So you don’t want to be concerned with walking, grooming, coursing or showing a deerhound but you do want to share your home with one.

This may just be the answer for you.

A life size Scottish Deerhound doll from Japan. To take a closer look click the image.

Now, much tho’ I like to see deerhounds promoted through various medium such as photography, art, toys etc., breeders, please don’t get any ideas about teaching breeding methods to your dog through the use of one of these life size models. We dogs just wouldn’t appreciate it.

If you are interested in these stuffed hounds as perhaps a gift or as a novelty or just genuinely want to own one, click this Deerhound link for information. And tell them the Rogue sent you.


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