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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Paws accross the seas

With Scotlands soccer team soon to kick off against Georgia at 6pm GMT today, I thought I’d check out some of my canine cousins that live and work in that region. Primarily the Caucasian Shepherd Dog.

Rather than feature our Borzoi buddies, the swift hounds of Russia (who’s soccer team also play a match starting at 4pm GMT against England in the 2008 Euro qualifiers), we thought we would introduce those who may not be familiar with, to the Ovcharka.

Big furry guard dogs - they are no match for the speed and reaction from we lithe Scots tho’ and here’s hoping it’s similar story during the soccer match.

Come on Scotland.


Blogger ljb said...

Which one is you?

I just found this blog and have really enjoyed reading your posts. It encourages me to do the same here "on my side of the sea".

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Malcolm and I live in Arizona. Not much fog here...Come to think of it...not many deerhounds either.

thanks for sharing...

Just me and the two whippets and an old afghan hound b*tch. :-)

4:41 am  

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