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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

UK Government Freedom of Information.

It’s interesting that the world can now reflect on, or examine information supplied to and by the Governments of the world through the ease of access brought about by the internet.

Here is a little link that may be of interest to deerhound owners, if they want to examine how the humans argued for the right of we deeerhounds to chase other animals, so that their owners would not have to fear being prosecuted for it (from the year 2000 in the UK).

Read the links below -

Read this little deerhound piece if you’re a fan - Wey! the Deerhounds!

And read the complete section if you want to find out what it’s in relation to - Government stuff But hey! deerhounds have their own agenda

What the heck! I’m a deerhound and no matter what the humans say - If I see something I want to chase and I’m not tethered to the leash - I’m off!

As dogs, including scurvy sea dogs will tell you, the easiest way to avoid breaking any law is . . . don’t have any laws.


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