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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Kilchrenan Inn

Where better a location to be after a days stalking through the hills and glens of Argyll, than a restful roadside inn.

Here we are at Kilchrenan Inn, just by the junction on the road to Ardanaiseig on this lovely summers evening.

The sign above the doorway here indicates that deer are a part of daily life in this part of the world. I wonder if it could be where the deerhound standard and rugged appearance as we know it sprang from - it certainly where the country of Scotland eminated from. And ‘Ardkinglas’ home to the deerhound kennels of legend is only a few miles south of where I’m poised in this photograph.

Interestingly, whilst legends are mentioned in this blog, I can tell you that approximately a mile along this road there stands a stone, where it is said you may meet the ghost of a headless monk.

I don’t know if I would have been sitting enjoying my meal quite so calmly had I known about this - but hey! I’m a dog and I didn’t sense any spirits around so it didn’t worry me to much.

The story goes, that some pagans who took exception to the christian teachings of the monk apparently beheadead him on this stone by the roadside.

If only they had all come down to the Kilchrenan Inn for some lovely fish and chips and a little scenery appreciation they may have all been in a more understanding frame of mind. Although I don’t think the Inn was around at the time.

I would recommend anyone passing the Inn to pop in for a ‘bite to eat’ or maybee a ‘fly wee hauf’ or a ‘pint’.

Bonnie Kilchrenan near the wonderful Loch Awe.


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