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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Auld Rogue Pale Ale

I’ll soon be one year old and as a celebration, what do the Scots do best?

You guessed it, ferment a guid brew! Will this be the first Deerhound Ale? It won’t be the first drink enjoyed on a Birthday, that’s for sure! Now all I need to do is . . . ‘nip doon the Glen and bag us a pot fu’ o’ venison’. Just like the venison sandwiches frae Tomintoul, enjoyed at the Royal Highland Show this weekend.

Anyway check at the end of this blog for a copy of the little bottle label. That’s me - Auld Rogue in the picture.

And if you would like to try an ancient beer brew from Scotland all because you can’t get your hands on a bottle of ‘Auld Rogue’. Here’s a reasonably well distributed ale. A heather ale that has a 2000 year old recipe. Evidence of its early brewing having been found in an archeological dig.

There is even nice Pictish iconography on the website and bottle label.

Just click Fraoch for details about this Scottish ale.

And below - it’s my puppy pale ale.


Blogger Mike said...

A pefect, pitcher of puppy plae ale please! Woof woof!

5:12 pm  
Blogger Mike said...


Schurely schome mishtake:


5:13 pm  

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