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Monday, July 03, 2006

Deerhounds on BBC and Ossian Tonite

Here is a little location where we deerhounds made it on to the BBC

And below I have blatantly lifted copy from the bbc, for a programme that may be of interest to fans of deerhounds - I wonder if our distant relative Bran will be mentioned.

If you are in the UK check it out on TV tonite. If you can’t receive the channel visit this link. you will also find other Ossian links from here.

The Great Ossian Hoax: McCall Smith...

Crime writer Alexander McCall Smith tries to unravel one of the great literary 'frauds'. In 1761, a Scot called James Macpherson published what he claimed were the works of a poet named Ossian, written more than 1,000 years ago.

This caused as much fuss as the so-called Hitler Diaries more than two centuries later, and were seen as a publishing sensation of the time. But Dr Samuel Johnson repeatedly questioned the validity of the poems, and further doubts meant that Macpherson, once lauded in high circles, was classed as a fake. But was this a simple case of fraud?

BBC 4 - Monday 3 July 2006 9pm-9.30pm; 12.45am-1.15am; Sunday 9 July 12.35am-1.05am (Saturday night)


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