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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Scottish Kennel Club Championship show 26th of August 2006

What a cool day.

I awake to my first copy of The Claymore, the Scottish Deerhound of America club newsletter, which arrived in my postbox this morning.

Soon, I am taken for a long early morning walk.

Following this, whilst I sleep through the rest of the morning, my human companions visit the Scottish Kennel Club show at The Royal Highland Showground, Ingliston. See the pics above - the first photograph is of myself but not at the show of course. Video footage was also recorded at the SKCC which I will post here, next blog.

When the family arrived home I was given a new bedding mat for journeys in the car, some nice holistic treats to enjoy and a new rope leash, as I successfully managed to destroy my previous leash after swiping it from the worktop one day.

I was also informed that my cousins in Kilmartin, Argyll were most upset that I did not drop in and visit them. I will put this to rights in future and hope to get the chance to meet with them soon.

To obtain the show results from the various Deerhound classes today, visit the Deerhound club site here


Blogger Angus & Isla said...

Hey Rogue, Isla has noticed the page you link to above has got her
brother and sister as best puppys in show on August 5th (GLEWLWYD DIONYSUS and GLEWLWYD LIANA) better know to us as Archie and Liana.

Don't get that web address mixed up with ours :-

Do feel free to drop by and have a look at our pics though???

Best regards


9:51 pm  

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