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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rogue at Kilchurn

Here I am on holiday, just over a week ago, as we visited the former stronghold of the enobled Campbell family, who took the name Breadalbane. The location is Kilchurn Castle found at the Northernmost tip of Loch Awe. If you would like to find out a little more about Kilchurn, simply click on the links. As you know, we love to keep all deerhounds out there informed.

You may be familiar with the name Breadalbane, which is from the Gaelic for ‘the High country of Scotland’, and there is reference to a most magnificent brace of Deerhounds being produced for the Marquis of Breadalbane. Punch magazine once carried this little Scotch Poem . . .

Frae' Kenmore to Ben Mhor The land is a' the Marquis's,
The mossy howes, the heathery knowes, and ilka' bonny park is his.

The bearded goats, the touzy stots and a' the braxy carcases;
The tinkers' tents, the crofters' rents and ilka' collie's bark is his.

The muircock's craw, the piper's blaw, The ghillie's hard day's wark is his.
Frae' Kenmore to Ben Mhor The warld is all the Marquis's.

But did you know, perhaps because of this sentiment, of the curse that was placed upon the Breadalbane family line, and that the cursed family line unlike we Deerhounds has ended - click here to read a little of the tale.

You can also find out more interesting information on Kilchurn and Loch Awe from wikipedia but I’ll leave them searches up to you.


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