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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dunadd Fort and Dál Riata

Here I am. Will I be the first Deerhound to stand atop Dunadd Fort?

This is the foundation stone of Scotland. Situated in the Kilmartin Glen with a history thousands of years rather than hundreds.

I bet with so many other deerhound owners living in and around about this area and the age of the location, it’s unlikely I’m the first deerhound up here. Still it’s blowing a gale and it is exceptionally warm for Scotland in August.

If you wonder what I’m talking of when I mention Dunadd, Dál Riata or Dalriada just click on the names for further information. Not only is this blog what old rogue here, one year old today, is up to, but it’s historically informative to.

Oh! and most importantly today - Get well Lyra.


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